Vaclav Klaus

Right on Brother!

Our historical experience gives us a clear instruction: we always need more of markets and less of government intervention. We also know that government failure is more costly than market failure.

Hurrah! The President of te European Union speaks out!

5 thoughts on “Vaclav Klaus”

  1. I was at Prague Castle yesterday and there isn’t an EU flag anywhere (You know the story, but I can’t find a link). In the Czech Republic they seem a lucky lot; they have leaders who know how to lead, and where to lead.

  2. Klaus is undoubtedly a good egg. But he is not the President of the European Union. Are you not still UKIP’s press officer, Tim? You should understand the structure. It is the country that takes over the presidency. Usually the head of the government runs around like a demented coyote. In this case, it will be Topolanek, unless there is another political crisis in the Czech Republic.

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