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Volkerkerker, a new word for me (yes, there should be an umlaut in there, as there indeed should in the word umlaut, but I\’m afraid my technical skills don\’t extend that far).

Nigel Farage used it in a speech in the Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday to describe the euro.

Volkerkerker. "A prison of nations". Has historical resonance as a description of the Hapsburg Empire.

Nice word, eh?

10 thoughts on “Volkerkerker”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Didn’t Herzen call the Tsarist Empire that first?

    Worse echoes there because we know how that turned out.

    Tim adds: Herzen, yes, but not in German. There were audible in drawings of breath and boos when Nigel used the Viennese German phrase….

  2. No umlaut in umlaut. Pronounced ‘oomlaut’. Orthographic convention is to use ‘e’ behind the letter that would ordinarily have an umlaut, so ‘Voelkerkerker’.

  3. Type an ampersand followed by “o” followed by “uml” followed by a semi-colon.
    Let’s try that … here’s preview? You used to have preview … oh, never mind.

  4. Ha! These federasts don’t like it up ’em.


    Alt+0246 = ö
    Alt+0252 = ü
    Alt + 0214 = Ö

    etc. Standard basic latin code pages.

  5. Umlaut does NOT have an umlaut, at least in the singular.

    Nor did that rocj bank of a few years back.

    Alan Douglas

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