The New Scientist has decided to scare our pants off. First, assume that temperatures will rise by 4oC by 2050. Then tell us all how appalling it will be.

We\’ll all have to live in cities for example. Ooooh!

However, one nice point:

In order to survive, humans may need to do something radical: rethink our society not along geopolitical lines but in terms of resource distribution. "We are locked into a mindset that each country has to be self-sustaining in food, water and energy," Cox says. "We need to look at the world afresh and see it in terms of where the resources are, and then plan the population, food and energy production around that. If aliens came to Earth they\’d think it was crazy that some of the driest parts of the world, such as Pakistan and Egypt, grow some of the thirstiest crops for export, like rice."

That pretty much pisses over the chips the Greens tell us about self sufficiency and the like, doesn\’t it? Growing things where the resources are and then shipping them to where the people are…well, that sounds pretty much like a global market to me.

I have a feeling that that is the part of this report that won\’t get extensively quoted.

6 thoughts on “Aieeeee!”

  1. @LFAT

    “Is that communism I smell?” I think they call environmentalism now but it is just the same old delusion that experts can plan and organise the world.

  2. That bit about cities was quoted in the Metro, more utter crap. For every square yard of inhabitable that becomes uninhabitable, there’ll be an extra square yard of Canada, Russia, Greenland, Scandinavia or Argentina that will become habitable.

  3. “some of the driest parts of the world, such as …Egypt, grow some of the thirstiest crops for export..”: that’s ‘driest’ in the sense of having a bloody great river flowing through it, obviously.

  4. Planning does not imply communism… Market actors do it all the time. This kind of decentralised planning usually works out a lot better, too.

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