Bibi Van Der Zee

Might help to get things in proportion here…..

Never mind the anxiety that Victoria Beckham is risking deep-vein thrombosis from the 25,000 air miles she\’s clocked up in the last few weeks: what exactly is all that jet-setting doing to our battered old planet?

Interesting question. So, what were the emissions?

So the grand total for this airborne marathon, according to the Energy Savings Trust, is about 13.2 tonnes of CO2, or more than the average Briton emits in a year.

Two ways of looking at this. Total emissions are around 5 billion tonnes a year. Or, if you prefer money numbers, Stern said it\’s $80 per tonne CO2 so we\’re somewhere around $1,000. Which in a global economy of $50 trillion is….

Actually both numbers are so small as to make the answer to the original question "what…doing to our battered old planet?"….the square root of sweet fuck all.

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  1. Not only that: deep-vein thrombosis is extremely rare in people under the age of 45 anyway, unless said people are predisposed (most especially through obesity).

    Considering who we’re talking about, I don’t think she’s at any risk of DVT at all.

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