Bloody Swedish Socialist Bastards

As Polly keeps telling us, we should be more like Sweden. As Polly doesn\’t keep telling us we should copy things like their absence of a national minimum wage, their absence of inheritance tax, their absence of a national health service and their voucher driven schools system.

Now while the current government is, by Swedish standards, free market, they\’re still socialists by the standards of just about any other country. But they\’ve just done one more thing that we supposedly more free market types should copy:

General Motors is slashing 47,000 jobs worldwide to shore up its home base and to assure Congress that US federal aid will save American jobs rather than leaking overseas.

The company has threatened to wash its hands of Saab after twenty years unless the free-market coalition of Fredrik Reinfeldt offers a subsidy. The pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

"The Swedish state is not prepared to own car factories," said Maud Olofsson, the enterprise minister. She accused GM of shabby tactics and attempting to hand over responsibility for its own management failures to Swedish taxpayers. "We are very disappointed in General Motors. But we are not prepared to risk taxpayers money, this is not a game of Monopoly," she said, dismissing opposition calls for a state aide as reckless frivolity.

If you can\’t make money making cars then clearly, you should stop making cars.

Oh that either Obama or Mandelson had the cojones to tell their own supplicant manufacturers where to go.

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  1. “It is not the case that we have closed the door to [loan guarantees for Saab. That will depend on what the plans look like,” Joran Hagglund, state secretary at the Swedish Industry Ministry, told the Reuters news agency.BBC

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