Bomb plots

Airliner bomb trial: Eight men \’tried to blow up transatlantic flights with liquid bombs\’

Err, these are the bombs that wouldn\’t work and couldn\’t be made are they?

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  1. If you’re saying they shouldn’t be tried because the bombs allegedly ‘wouldn’t work and couldn’t be made,’ you should note that it’s a legal commonplace that if you try to kill someone with an unloaded gun, you can be arraigned for attempted murder. (I mean ‘try to fatally shoot,’ of course, not ‘try to beat to death with the butt.’)

  2. It’s not quite right to say they ‘tried’ to blow up planes. They allegedly plotted and prepared, which is the conspiracy they have been arrested for.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Suppose the FBI infiltrates a terrorist group. Suppose they arrange for the detonators on a bomb to be switched with dummies. Suppose said terrorist group places a bomb in a mall. But it does not go off because of said fake detonators.

    Has a crime been committed?

  4. A group in Missouri was convicted some 25 years or so ago for conspiracy to commit murder. They were convicted because the evidence of their intent was overwhelming, though their method (voodoo incantations and spells over collections of the intended victim’s
    hair, nail clippings, etc. and sticking pins and other damage inflicted on a doll of the intended)
    wasn’t claimed (by the prosecution) to have any efficacy whatever. Intent and overt action to realize the intent are “the thing” in conspiracy.

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