But why

Would you invade a sinking asset?

6 thoughts on “But why”

  1. Maybe by convincing the local populace that the island will be inundated it may be possible to purchase some prime pacific sea front real estate at bargain basement prices? Now there’s a worthwhile conspiracy theory.

  2. Sinking or not, and no offence to the Tuvaluans, but would you want to take over this country? Will a new libertarian regime make Tuvalu significantly better? Is the government there _that_ bad? (It’s certainly not a mini North Korea, where almost any change in government would be an improvement). The fact remains that Tuvalu is a small country with almost no natural resources in the armpit of nowhere. It’s poor because it doesn’t have a comparative advantage in anything.

    Still, it’s a better idea than Panama, mentioned in a previous post on this site. Although Panama doesn’t have a military, I think we all know that anyone invading there will soon have a US carrier battle group and MEU for company.

  3. Linking to an alarmist website like that… tut. The Tuvalu nonsense is an example of the sort of exaggeration the Met Office warned against recently.

    Sea levels around Tuvalu have actually been falling: “Residents who once worried about their homes being flooded are now complaining that the lower tides are disrupting their fishing expeditions, making it difficult to moor their boats and navigate low-lying reefs. ”

    But that doesn’t mean Tuvalu is a good choice. It sucks.

  4. I still have one of the Minerva coins minted by a group of Libertarians who founded a country on an uninhabited island in the 60’s. Unfortunately, the King of Tonga claimed domain and that was the end of that experiment.

    I much more like the idea of inundating a small State like New Hampshire in the US with Libertarians, while there is any liberty left in the United States.

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