Cake and eating it too

Ninety per cent of "solidarity pacts" a year are now being made between people of the opposite sex, despite them being specifically designed for homosexuals, who are not formally allowed to marry in France.

The Civil Solidarity Pacts, or PACS according to their French language abbreviation, take just 15 minutes and can be performed by a court clerk.

Just as significantly, they can be ended with a single letter from either partner, without any claims on the other\’s money or property.

It appears that when offered the opportunity people would like the benefits of a legally recognised relationship. Benefits, housing and so on. But not the potential costs of asset sharing and alimony (child support is of course already dealt with).

You will note that this is not an option which has or will be offered in the UK. Indeed, the push is entirely the other way. That those who simply live together, without any legal contract, should be liable for asset splitting and alimony even if they don\’t get the benefits and the housing while together.

Wonder why the powers that be here are so insistent that people shouldn\’t have what they want?

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