Cause or effect?

Cinema tickets offered in exchange for sexually transmitted infection test.

I realise that I\’m some decades away from my own teenage mating rituals but isn\’t this slightly the wrong way around? Offering a free ticket if you get tested for an STD?

Isn\’t that date at the cinema a prelude to the opportunity to acquire an STD?

7 thoughts on “Cause or effect?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Julia, I know men are often a disappointment, but it would take me a while to think of any film that would have been better than running the risk of an STD with any girl I went out with while I was under 30.

    Really. Any film.

    Of course that is one of the limited pleasures of old age.

  2. Reminds me of an advertising disaster many years ago, at Newcastle Central Station.

    On one wall, a picture of a bonny lass, with the caption “Where did she get VD?”

    On the opposite wall, a picture of a bonny lass in a new frock. “She got it at the Co-Op!”

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