Martin Hale, a husband cleared of murdering his unfaithful wife, tried to claim her £100,000 life insurance policy after beginning a relationship with a Brazilian man, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Innocent man claims insurance policy?

6 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. Bisexual Bedhopper Bonks Brazillian While Trying To Blag Insurance Bounty.

    ‘Innocent man claims insurance policy’ just doesn’t cut the mustard. The Worstall Times would never get many takers with such a sedate headline.

  2. Not guilty is not the same as innocent.

    Eh? So if I’m charged with a crime, taken to Court, found Not Guilty by a jury of my peers and allowed to leave, by definition, without a stain on my character, what was the value of a Not Guilty verdict?

    I suppose we could just lock everyone up “just in case.”

  3. ‘Not guilty is not the same as innocent.’
    A criminal conviction requires guilt ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’. A civil ‘wrongful death’ action requires only ‘the preponderance of the evidence’. If the insurance company refuses to pay because it believes the husband killed his wife they might well win in court.

  4. Well, you live and learn….. there’s me, a simple soul, thinking that if the law says I’m innocent, I’m innocent, and if I’m guilty, I’m guilty, and if there’s some doubt one way of the other, I’m acquitted.

    Thanks for setting me right.

    If the law says he’s innocent and the insurer says he’s guilty, where’s the law of libel in all this?

    former(not a lawyer)tory

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