Erm, why?

California has effectively outlawed the building of new fossil fuel plants. If the rest of the US follows suit, the big oil companies will have to move rapidly or risk running out of customers for their ageing infrastructure.

Why would the oil companies need to change anything?

No one uses oil to generate electricty in any great volume. Gas and coal companies might have some worries, but not oil companies.

4 thoughts on “Erm, why?”

  1. Gas and coal companies will be laughing all the way to the bank. It will prolong the productive life of their old plants and they can charge the Californians ever more for their energy.

  2. The quote is at a piece with the rest of the article: it is complete drivel from start to finish. Take this “The EU carbon market is failing because its politicians speak green but keep shoring up old-fashioned industries.”

    A whole book could be written on the carbon market, and how it has been badly designed, run and in the end not as effective at reducing carbon emissions as a good old fashioned recession, whilst at the same time handing windfall profits to the biggest carbon emitters. Truly a wonder of EU bureaucracy.

  3. Did y’all notice that the UK “Government” has just approved the construction of three more gas-fired power stations?

    Vladimir Vladimirovich must be rubbing his hands in glee. “So, Mr. Brown, you learned nussing from ze experiences of Ukraine and Bulgaria, hein? Aha, your time vill come soon… ha ha ha” etc.


  4. Most of the companies active in gas exploration and production are ‘oil companies’, though (Shell, BP, Gazprom, BG…)

    Andrew D: since we buy the vast majority of our imported gas from Norway, the Russian machinations over gas supply are more interesting than terrifying for us.

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