Female empowerment

The second change, it says, is a sharp increase in marital break-up in recent decades.

"Women\’s new economic independence contributes to this rise," the report says.

"It has made women much less dependent on their male partner, as has the advent of the welfare state.

"As a result of increased break-up, a third of 16-year-olds in Britain now live apart from their biological father."

Yup, entirely correct. Female economic independence does indeed mean that women get to be, err, independent.

Hey, nobody said that liberty was either without side effects or easy now, did they?

5 thoughts on “Female empowerment”

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  2. Ah, so a woman’s right to what you define as her liberty is more important than her child’s equilibrium.

    An interesting proposition. Complete bollocks, of course, but interesting nonetheless.

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