There’s only 29 of them left?

I’d suggest a captive breeding programme, but, well, you can see the hurdles you’d have to overcome….

3 thoughts on “Giggles”

  1. Great advert but the two policemen! Did they really not wear body armour or carry machine guns in the old days?

  2. My dear Kit, you must be hardly shaving yet.
    No, the polis didn’t wear body armour or carry SMGs back then: I was better armed than my local station, with four handguns and a semi-auto rifle in the gun cupboard, usually with around 4,000 rounds of ammo.

    We had no panic over child molesters round every corner; binge drinking was rare and mostly seen as de trop even here in Scotland.

    I recall a woman being assaulted in the street. Her attacker was seized and delivered, with an impressive collection bruises, to the cops, who thanked the public most prettily. I was congratulated by the gentlemen in blue for tackling a housebreaker even though I did not manage to detain the bugger for arrest.

    If at 4 in the morning after a party I was required to account for myself when walking home, I was called “Sir”.

    As for the present army of nannies, regulators, snoopers, people controllers, clypes and the like, they must at that point have been a gleam in someone’s eye, but they barely registered as a fact.

    Better stop now – the blood pressure is going up.

    Kind regards

  3. The police I saw back then all wore body armour and most carried machine guns, but then this was in Northern Ireland.

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