Independent schools and charitable status

As we all know there\’s been a rumpus going on about independent schools and their charitable status. Do they in fact provide a public benefit that is commensurate with their getting the tax breaks of being a charity?

Capacity at primary schools must be expanded as parents hit by the recession desert independent schools in favour of state education, it was claimed.

The comments – by Lambeth Council in South London – are believed to be the first time a local authority has admitted services are being stretched by the downturn.

It comes just weeks after the Audit Commission suggested as many as one-in-10 authorities was seeing increased demand for state school places.

I think that\’s a yes then.

4 thoughts on “Independent schools and charitable status”

  1. If you think it through, these so-called charitable tax breaks are of dwindingly small value per pupil, a few hundred pounds a year, maybe.

    We could scrap them as a quid pro quo when we move to having education vouchers.

  2. They should scrap them anyway, so as to get the State off their backs.

    But I heard that there’s some legal Catch-22 which says a charity that stops being a charity can’t just carry on as a non-charity but must be completely wound up and its assets dispersed.

    Anyone know if that is actually true?

    If so, damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. Sounds like a pretty typical NuLab gotcha.

  3. “We could scrap them as a quid pro quo when we move to having education vouchers.”

    Education vouchers will be a £6,000/year tax break, won’t they?

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