Me, I welcome this news:

Paying for the right to work for nothing is one of the more interesting economic concepts to have come out of this downturn. Time was in the US when spring would come and a young man\’s fancy turned lightly to thoughts of a summer internship. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students migrate to the big cities over the long break to get their first step on the career ladder with a few weeks of negligibly (if at all) remunerated filing, dogsbodying and sporadic sexual harassment.

One might have expected this sort of chattel system to thrive in a recession but, apparently, quite the opposite. There is so much competition for internships that some parents – those, it must be said, of the controlling "helicopter" persuasion – are reaching for their chequebooks. Others are hiring consultants to promote their little darlingsby sending a blizzard of CV-shots to likely targets.

Meanwhile, fund-raising websites have reported a sharp increase in supposedly sexy media companies – including Rolling Stone and Elle magazines, and Atlantic Records – auctioning their internships. A week polishing CD boxes for a music-production company went last month for $12,000.

A welcome return to Victorian values: where the apprentice paid his apprentice master for the value of the training he received. And of course, when people are indeed paying for something then the value of what they receive is likely to go up, is it not?

5 thoughts on “Internships”

  1. So how much are you paying UKIP then?

    Tim adds: Lots of blood, sweat and tears, obviously. Fighting for Britain (insert favourite Chruchill quotes here…..)

  2. The correct answer is of course “enough to keep all mentions of the BJ4BW strikes off here and on the UKIP blog”. oooo get me.

  3. But surely the UKIP Tim Worstall is all for Britsh workers for British jobs, and having much tougher immigration laws, whereas this Tim Worstall believes there should be nearly no immigration laws, and British workers are no more favourable for British employers than foreign ones.

    So there’s already a mechanism for separating the views.

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