Things steaming up downstairs. Lots of angry MPs muttering about the lack of preparedness by the Palace authorities. The underground carpark is closed because there is no grit or salt on the estate. And even though it\’s been snowing since tea-time yesterday, only in the past hour have a few men with shovels started digging out the drive at Members\’ Entrance. Apparently this "snow-event" was a complete surprise….

These are, remember, the people who claim to know how to run the country. You know, sort out the banks, know whether, when and where we might be allowed to smoke, how much booze should cost, the exact number of nurses needed for the country, the correct number of lesbian outreach workers. And they can\’t manage to shovel the show off a car park ramp?

Time to tell them to bugger off perhaps?


5 thoughts on “Jeepers”

  1. I wonder if anyone will blame Global Warming: “we sold our gritters and shovels for sun-lotion and parasols.”

  2. Presumably there was some very important reason the MPs didn’t go find some shovels and shift the snow themselves.

    They could have shown a bit of initiative, backbone, and got a bit of good PR out of it. Everybody mucking in. Blitz spirit. That sort of thing.

    I guess they are Do Nothing Members of Parliament.

  3. given that the airports, rail network, the tube and the buses were all out of action, just how many MPs were put out of action by lack of shovels at Parliament…? Presumably the Labour MPs/trough-swillers who enjoy subsidised housing in Westminster

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