Madness, Madness

Will this quango creation never stop?

Every hospital and care home to have a dementia \’tsar\’

3 thoughts on “Madness, Madness”

  1. I reckon it is still families and spouses who are dealing with most of the problems caused by dementia. So appointing a tsar who proceeds to ignore them will achieve nothing. Par for the course..

    People with dementia, especially if they are still physically fit, can present all sorts of challenges, and sometimes dangers, through no fault of their own. They turn on the gas, forget to light it, then walk out of the house in their pyjamas and slippers at two in the morning, to wait in the queue at the ice-cream shop. They get on buses and forget to get off. They can react bizarrely to everyday situations, and try to call the police because someone sent them a sinister message through the post, saying Happy Birthday.

    Does anyone know who the dementia tsar lives? I’d just like to send him a Christmas card…..

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