Monty Don: Idiot

Monty Don, the former BBC Gardener\’s World presenter, said the UK could run out of food "within weeks" because the country is so dependent on imports and it was essential for the country to grow more of our own food.

He urged businesses around the country to follow the lead of the National Trust: "If every household, business, office or factory dug up a patch of land there would literally be millions of allotments made available. This is just the start of something really big."

Mr Don even suggested every politician could have an allotment and there could be a vegetable patch outside Number 10 Downing Street. He said a communal vegetable patch could be as small as a herb garden tended by just one person but was an opportunity for the whole office to learn about seasonality and growing food.

"If every organisation and company did the same and then it could transform the health and wellbeing of the nation as well as significantly contributing to our national food supply," he said. "In this time of crisis and chaos this is exactly the kind of practical enlightened action that will rebuild and create a better future."

Apparently Mr. Don has never heard of the concepts of the division of labour and specialisation. Or if he has he doesn\’t like them very much.

Why do people pay attention to the views of such ill informed idiots?

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  1. “Why do people pay attention to the views of such ill informed idiots?”

    Because he’s on the telly a lot and the BBC, in its ineffable wisdom, considers him such an eminent thinker that he is chosen as a panellist on Question Time (cf your favourite economic commentator Will Hutton).

  2. Maybe once “we”‘ve got these small farming collectives up and running “we” can mandate small scale production of iron and steel too!

  3. and there could be a vegetable patch outside Number 10 Downing Street.

    As opposed to the vegetable patch inside I guess.

    After seeing what he has done to the economy, would you let GB loose on defenceless vegetables?

  4. “If every household, business, office or factory dug up a patch of land there would literally be millions of allotments made available.

    Do we really want to be eating food produced on old industrial land? How much to test the soil, and remove any contaminants found?

    How many businesses actually own the land their office, shop or factory is situated on? Will the landlord approve?

    Any what is this nonsense of seasonality? I want to eat specific foods when I desire them, not when the bloke down the road is capable of harvesting them.

    Daft idea.

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  6. So often people come up with a puritanical reason for doing something. Gardening has the merits of giving you a bit of exercise, a spot of fresh air, an encouragement to reflect, the chance to grow varieties that you can’t buy, or not easily at least, and so on. And this tit wants you to garden so that you can preach to your bloody workmates. Plonker.
    P.S. Has he got the balls to say that we should each keep a pig?

  7. Why dis him, he’s clearly a genius, I mean we obviously missed a trick in WWII, if only we had thought to have a campaign for everyone to have allotments to feed ourselves with, we could have been self sufficient and the battle of the Atlantic wouldn’t have been such a bloodbath!! … Oh wait.. no, hang on you’re right, he’s a complete moron.

  8. Chauncey Gardener


    I don’t normally follow your drivel (even on The Register which I read from time to time) but I happened on this by chance while searching for a particular Monty Don item.

    I realise you’re an idiot yourself, but if your other readers also can’t see the value in a country being close to self sufficient in basic commodities like food, once agribusiness stops being practical because intensive agriculture is unaffordable, and UK plc has no money to pay for imports, readers will be going hungry before too long.

    Golf courses often make ideal allotment sites. Some of them have even been built on former allotment sites.

    Shame The Other Steve is so close, and yet so far away from “getting it”. Does “Dig for victory” mean anything to him, I wonder?
    “Between 1939 and 1945 imports of food were halved and the acreage of British land used for food production increased by 80%. It was estimated that over 1.4 million people had allotments by 1945. … the home population never ate so well as during and after the war … thanks to the strict rationing of shop-bought goods, and the amount of fresh vegetables that people ate.”

    Toodle pip, see you on the dark side.

  9. man, you (all) are more of an idiot than the subject your tiny little brains are discussing about. Apparantly there are a lot of programmers among you, seems like you encapsulated yourself well in your binary world.

    Anyway … Obama is digging up his lawns at the White House so why do you become an idiot suggesting this for number 10?? Or is that kind of idiotory becoming pandemic ?

    Ed, you-wanker-you. Stop raping your tastebuds with probably too much coffee and tabacco. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are not only environmental friendlier, they do taste better as well. Every chef will cook seasonal goods because they like to start with the best produce. Bio is not necessarily better but at least local bio got the chance to ripen completely before harvesting and that’ s why you get better taste (and they are using other varieties as well, the ones that are not chosen just because they transport easily without damage and grow quick to identical sizes, all good qualities if you want to sell easily to ignorant people but where is the flavor??). There is a time for asparagus and there is a time for tomatoes. Getting everything you want when YOU want it, makes you not only a spoiled idiot but very much so an über-idiot that has missed a lot of opportunities in his life to taste good things. I invite you to taste your it’s-december-lets-treat-myself-with-a-nice-watermelon with summer melons that are just about to fall of the vine (or even better : that fell), and when you’re in the greenhouse anyway take any tomato variety you want and than go back to your cheap-year-round-tasteless-supermarket-kügeln. You’re probably feasting on your watery strawberries for weeks (do you ever stop buying them ?), well go to an allotment and ask them if you can try one (say someone dared you, they’ll give away their best); borrow a carrot while you’re at it (don’t mind that bit of sand you’re pollishing your teeth with chemicals daily) if you don’t have grandparents with a garden you have probably forgotten what they should taste like as well. Look after your planning because you’ll probably stay there for a while… (and tell your relatives that you go there so they will not be alarmed when you don’t come home)

    Don’t look down on people just because (you think) you have a higher degree, some of you proved that you are lacking at least some skills.

    If you’re not too old not all is lost, if not I’m sorry to say that you wasted much of your time on earth … and now of you go, you still have some time to play your videogames before you go to bed (yes, little bear is already on your pillow, mommie found it under the bed)

  10. Was it not possible to make your point without such utterly inappropriate name calling? The latter just served to completely negate anything valid you may have had to say! Long live Monty Don!!!!

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