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Not really, no…..

All cats die. Socrates is dead. Therefore Socrates is a cat.

Eugene Ionesco, Rhinoceros

Umm no. So far we\’ve proved that Socrates was a cat, not that he is……

6 thoughts on “Not really, no…..”

  1. If socrates is a cat (Already proven) . And he also has died. And cat corpses stay as cat corpses. Then Socrates is still a cat ( deceased)

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    But do cat corpses remain cats?

    Surely they are rotting flesh and hence no longer cats. They are worm food.

    I am more interested in how Ionescu can be a rhinoceros. I assume that one begins “Rhinos talk crap…..”

  3. Who quoted this? It’s simply invalid — it has the logical form:

    All A’s are B’s.
    C is a B.
    Therefore C is an A.

    It doesn’t prove that Socrates was a cat, or any such nonsense.

  4. Errm, BB and paul ilc, you’re rather missing the point: Eugène Ionesco was an absurdist playwright. Ergo pointing out that his logic is absurd is rather akin to remarking on a Dick Francis novel having something to do with horses.

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