Oh dear, oh dear

OK, it\’s nice to see this in the Mail, a counterblast to the idiots who won\’t have their children immunised.

However, it would have read just a tad better if they\’d got someone who understood the science a little to proof read it for them (d\’ye think Ben Goldacre would go slumming at the Mail?).

If contracted by a pregnant woman, measles can have devastating consequences.

Miscarriage, stillbirth, severe heart defects and deafness in the unborn child are all linked to measles.

Thirty-five years ago, my friend Angie Wright\’s dreams of motherhood turned to tragedy when she caught measles while visiting the doctor\’s surgery to have her pregnancy confirmed.

\’The doctor told me to have an abortion. He said the disability would be so severe that it was the only option. I have regretted it ever since. I\’m still grieving for my lost baby,\’ she says.

Erm, no, that\’s not measles. That\’s German measles. You\’ll recall that the triple vaccine is the MMR vaccine? Measles, mumps and rubella? Rubella being the other name for German measles?

Still, small steps and all that…..

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