Oh my!

It has been a staple of the Great British diet for centuries and reinvented itself with orange and purple varieties but the once popular cauliflower is feeling the heat.

A bristly upstart from an Italian branch of the family is threatening to capture cauliflower\’s place between the roast potatoes and carrots on Sunday dinner plates.

Cauliflower production has fallen in Britain by about 35 per cent in the past decade as fears increase that farmers are abandoning it.

Lovers of the vegetable are fighting back, however, with a campaign to persuade the public to fall in love with it again and reject fashionable “superfoods” such as broccoli.

Terrible, don\’t you think? That one form of mutant cabbage is being replaced by another?

4 thoughts on “Oh my!”

  1. So they have to start growing broccoli, what’s the problem?

    As long as they still grow a variety of things that are attractive to wood pigeons, rabbits, squiggles, deer, etc, etc, so that I’ve got a nice variety of pests to shoot for the pot, I don’t really care.

    Squiggle Tika kebabs followed by mustard game pie, anyone? You bring the beers….

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