Prostitution laws

From PA.

The case of the four women involved in the High Court action, who are all nationals of Moldova and now live in the UK, was that they were victims of an unlawful conspiracy to traffic them into the country from Moldova "for the purposes of sexual exploitation and prostitution".

Mr Justice Treacy said the Dulghieru couple were "significant players in that conspiracy" and had been convicted of criminal offences and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment.

At London\’s Isleworth Crown Court in November 2005 Gavril Dulghieru, then 36, of Tooting Bec Gardens, Tooting Bec, south west London, was jailed for nine years after admitting conspiring to traffic in prostitution, trafficking into the UK for sexual exploitation and plotting to facilitate unlawful immigration between February 23, 2003 and April 30, 2004

Tamara Dulghieru, then 31, was jailed for five years after being found guilty of immigration, fraud, forgery and money-laundering offences. She was cleared of trafficking in prostitution and doing so for sexual exploitation.

Mr Justice Treacy said that each of the claimants was tricked into leaving Moldova and thought they were coming to the UK to work as dancers.

But the reality was that the conspirators intended to "sexually enslave" them by keeping them captive in London and putting them to work in brothels.

So, we\’ve got laws under which those who traffic women into the UK for the purposes of sexual slavery can be investigated, charged, tried and jailed.

Remind me again why we\’re changing the laws?

4 thoughts on “Prostitution laws”

  1. Because Harriet hates men?

    Because they can?

    Because it is difficult to find, arrest and try proper criminals (i.e the people traffickers) but the cops picking up kerb-crawlers on the local strip is an easy detection?

    I’m sure you can think of a few more.

  2. SE about nails it.

    HH hates men. I wonder at the psychological basis for all her bitter and spiteful actions.

    Fact is, though, it is another area of business that the State wants everyone invoved to know they are being watched and monitored.

  3. Mr Evil definately gets three out of four, especially the one about easy detections, but he did miss one. Labour MPs pass unnecessary laws because they mistake legislative action for real problem solving.

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