Scumbag marketing move of the day

This really is twattish:

Halliday Books owner Nicholas Halliday has apologised after a press release was sent out promoting a book about coping with the bereavement of children using the death of David Cameron\’s son as the news hook. The publisher has suspended a member of staff after what Halliday called "a very stupid mistake" when an email was sent out to its entire database.

The press release said: "We’ve all been touched by the tragic news of the death of David and Samantha Cameron’s ‘beautiful boy\’." It added: "Halliday Books publish The Lonely Tree, the best selling picture book for children about child bereavement. We’ve already sent a signed and dedicated copy to the Camerons this morning but would like to introduce you to this charming title in case you don’t already know it. It would be a perfect soft tie-in to this news story."

The Conservative party leader\’s son Ivan died on Wednesday. The six-year-old had cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

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