Sir Allen Stanford Explained.

Q – Would you describe Sir Allen Stanford as a sophisticated fraudster?

A – No, he invested some of his money with Bernie Madoff and then tried to deny having done so. Sir Allen should have claimed that he invested all his money with Bernie Madoff and that he himself was the innocent victim of a fraud. Daft bastard, honestly.

5 thoughts on “Sir Allen Stanford Explained.”

  1. Government regulation really does work well, doesn’t it?

    “American authorities have been suspicious of Allen Stanford’s financial dealings for 15 years but only accelerated their investigation after the Bernard Madoff fraud was exposed, it was claimed today.”

    15 years? 15 years to do bugger all, until some blogger exposed Stanford with a few weeks of digging? Stanford might have retired and died in that time-frame. These agencies operate in Ent-time.

  2. Is there an alternative to government regulation that you’re proposing or will shrugging shoulders be about all?

    Yes, the SEC has been appalling and yes it needs fixing, but unless someone has a better suggestion other than hanging a big sign saying “CAVEAT EMPTOR” on every building on Wall Street, then what is required is better government regulation – not more, just better.

  3. Yeah, I’m shrugging my shoulders when you’ve come up with the solution. Of course! Better regulation! You put me to shame. Why didn’t I think of that?

  4. Since when Americans can get British title “Sir”? He tried to con Stanford University claiming he was relative of Leland Stanford!!He even found a fake expert to confirm that!!

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