Snow is consistent with global warming, say scientists

Well, that\’s good to know, isn\’t it?

Is there actually anything that isn\’t consistent with global warming?

15 thoughts on “Snow is consistent with global warming, say scientists”

  1. As global warming is only an average temperature increase it does not mean that we would never have cold winters. Although of course this is nothing compared to 63 and 48.

  2. “Consistent” is one of those words that scientists get very confused about. Strictly speaking, all it means is “doesn’t contradict”. (This sort of usage came in with Popper, for the reason that Popper claimed that was no such thing as supporting evidence). But many scientists slip between that meaning and a stronger meaning, where “consistent with” means “supports”.

  3. Next: Drops in global temperature are consistent with global warming…

    (actually, I think this has been claimed using the reasoning that natural changes are masking the effects of AGW)

  4. “Snow is consistent with global warming, say scientists”

    A scientist clearly didn’t say that because he would have used the term “Climate Change” rather than “Global Warming”. “Global Warming” is sooo last year.

  5. Are they talking about the Gulf Stream moving, and leaving us as cold as Canada? Yes, that’s “consistent with global warming”. Here is something that isn’t consistent with global warming – the polar ice gaps growing, sea levels dropping and the Sahara desert sprouting water meadows.

  6. I would like to make it clear that this snowstorm did not originate in Britain but was caused by weather systems outside the government’s control. Of course we are doing everything we can to help families and businesses weather the severe conditions and we will continue to take the right long-term decisions so that we can pull out of this snow event as soon as possible. But I should point out that the snow is not as bad here in Britain as in other countries and we are well placed for when the snow thaws.

    Gordon Brown

  7. Damn! I so nearly got it right. I even had the accent right and the sudden jaw drop and then I go and spoil it all. 🙁

  8. Actually, the Sahara sprouting water meadows WOULD be consistent with global warming as it was during the Holocene Optimum some 6-8000 years ago. Then it cooled and the trees and rivers disappeared to leave a gasping desert thousands of miles across, which is what we see today.

    But it ain’t going to happen. Global warming has stopped, the Antarctic ice sheet continues to grow and global sea level rise is beginning to slow.

    Next stop after “climate change” is “global cooling.

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