Stanford International Bank

These people manage $8.5 billion dollars ($8,500,000,000) and are able to pay depositors (yes, depositors, not investors) nearly double normal interest rates. They do this by "investing" in stocks, bonds and precious metals.

The Bank\’s Board of Directors embodies the greatest level of stability through dedication and experience. The Board\’s extensive background in business and philosophical commitment to the Bank are among its greatest assets.

James A. Stanford | Chairman Emeritus
James Stanford brings more than 40 years of experience to Stanford International Bank as Chairman of the Board. A graduate of Baylor University, Stanford has served several terms as Mayor of Mexia, Texas, was appointed to the Texas Governor\’s Advisory Committee on Municipal Government and Finance, and has served in many civic and community service roles.

R. Allen Stanford | Chairman
Allen Stanford is a member of the Houston Board of Public Trusts and supports the Alley Theatre, Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Polo Club, among other organizations. For more than 25 years he has been one of the leading investors in the Eastern Caribbean. He launched the $1.8 billion Stanford Caribbean Investment Fund earmarked for upscale development projects, and is an active member of Caribbean Latin American Action, which promotes private-sector-led economic development in the Caribbean Basin and throughout the Western Hemisphere. Stanford is also a significant supporter and contributor to the Pan American Development Foundation and the Inter-American Economic Council, which has named him recipient of the 2006 Excellence in Leadership Award. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in finance from Baylor University.

O.Y. Goswick | Investments
O.Y. Goswick has a diverse background in business which spans more than 45 years. He is also a former wing commander, pilot and officer who served with distinction in the United States Air Force. In addition to owning both Ford and General Motors automobile dealerships, Goswick is an active investor and cattle rancher.

Kenneth C. Allen, Q.C. | Secretary and Treasurer
Kenneth Allen is a graduate of the University of London, a barrister-at-law and a member of The Society of the Middle Temple. Allen has practised law for more than 37 years in the United Kingdom and Eastern Caribbean and brings extensive international legal and banking experience to the Board of Directors.

Sir Courtney N. Blackman, Ph.D. | International Banking
Sir Courtney Blackman is Permanent Representative to the Organization of the American States and
has been Ambassador to the US from Barbados and Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados.
Dr. Blackman graduated with a B.A. in Modern History from University of the West Indies in 1956 and has endowed the Courtney Blackman Chair in Money, Banking and Finance at the university�s Cave Hill Campus. He received an MBA from Interamerican University in Puerto Rico in 1964 and was awarded a Ph.D. from Columbia University�s Graduate School of Business in 1969.

Robert S. Winter | Director
Elected member of the Board on 1 October 1998, Winter received a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University in 1948. Winter has been a bond specialist throughout his career in the insurance industry. Winter is currently a financial specialist with Bowen, Miclette & Britt, Inc. in Houston, Texas. Prior to joining Bowen, Miclette & Britt, Inc., Winter was a vice president at Sedgwick James of Houston. Bowen, Miclette & Britt, Inc. is currently the primary agent for all of the insurance policies held by SIB and its affiliated companies.

James M. Davis | Chief Financial Officer
James M. Davis is Director and Chief Financial Officer of Stanford Financial Group Company and Stanford International Bank. He is a seasoned financial executive and the author of numerous articles on global investing and investment portfolio management. He has been a part of Stanford Private Wealth Management for the past 30 years and throughout his career has used his leadership, motivational and decision-making skills to develop employees within the company. Davis is a graduate of Baylor University\’s Hankamer School of Business with degrees in accounting and business administration.


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  1. “He is also a former wing commander, pilot and officer who served with distinction in the United States Air Force.” ‘Wing commander’ is not a USAF rank. It seems strange that an actual rank is not mentioned if Goswick was in fact an officer in the USAF. This doesn’t pass the smell test.

  2. How can invstors (depositors) be so naive?

    This hitting the fan after President’s Day will do little to soothe nervious markets.

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