For those who haven\’t already come across him (and there can\’t be that many of you who haven\’t) I present Stanislav:

….in HighJocklands is no bastard dentist for suffering human sonoffuckingbitch with toothache or fucking abcess. Oh, fuck me, the noo, says First Minister McSalmond, is all fault of Englishbastard steal all my fucking oil, that there isnae any fucking dentist for Jock with toothache and so instead get pissed from mind and slap Mrs around, dressed-up like transwotsaname in traditional costume and stuff ginger face and rotten teeth full with deepfry MarsBar and Irn Bru and drop down fucking dead in Sauchiehall Street from heart attack, is like fucking Culloden every fucking day down there, big fat bastards keeling the fuck over with stroke and heart attack.

There\’s a genius of a sort in there…..

5 thoughts on “Stanislav”

  1. He left a dyspeptic comment on my blog: it was as if my humble page had been touched by the finger of God.

    Stan recently had a heart attack, but luckily there’s nowt wrong with his liver, so the bile keeps pouring out.

  2. Fascinating. Thanks for the steer. One or two inspired commenters.

    I suspect it’s one of us Jocks with recent Polish ancestry. I have known one or two remarkable examples. When the two cultures collide, the damage can be exhilarating.

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