That settles that then

There is no obvious solution to the financial crises, but it should be clear that they cannot be resolved by economic theory…

My word, what are we going to use then? Homeopathy?

3 thoughts on “That settles that then”

  1. A mystery only exists for those who believe that it’s the job of economists to guide government policy.

    Things are much clearer when it’s understood that the function of government economists is chiefly to construct arguments justifying the various policies politicians which to employ and to exculpate the same politicians when one or another policy doesn’t have the result intended or expected.

  2. “Never has a science, or supposed science, been so generously indulged. And never have experiments left in their wakes more wreckage, unpleasant surprises, blasted hopes and confusion, to the point that the question seriously arises whether the wreckage is reparable.”

    I drifted off to sleep there for a moment, & thought she was talking about climate change. Silly me.

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