There are some dim people out there

Why will a man sleep with a woman, when he won\’t marry her or tell her he loves her?

Is there really an adult woman asking that question seriously?

11 thoughts on “There are some dim people out there”

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  2. I made you believe/We’re more than just friends./It may seem like a crush/But that doesn’t mean/That I’m serious./But to lose all my senses … ooh that’s so typically me/Ooh baby, baby/Oops I did it again.

    You know, it’s not just men who can send the wrong signals. 😉

  3. “For me, the main reason is that he wants us both to live with his parents for a while, to save money.”

    The more interesting question would seem to be why would a woman want to sleep with a man that is so obviously a total loser!

  4. DavidV:

    The answer’s obvious. It’s called “making do with what one’s got.” Risks and trade-offs–nothing more complicated.

  5. You see, this is one of those power relationships the feminazis are always going on about, but with a slight twist.

    Between the two of them, he has all the common sense and she has none. She has been in this relationship for years without ever wondering whether there is anything in it for her.

    There are actually highly qualified counsellors who specialise in guidance for women like her. Most of them are called “Mother”.

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