This is fascinating

This might be a reason why we will not have a General Election on the same day as the euro-elections, June 4th.

In the European Parliamentary elections, all spending on behalf of party list candidates is campaign expenditure. They do not have a separate limit or account for individual expenses. As a result, all spending on promotion of the party for the County elections will also be counted against the overall party spending limit for the European Parliamentary election. Expenses incurred on County Council elections to promote individual candidates in those elections are to be reported locally to the returning officer and not through to the Electoral Commission. Campaign expenditure is defined by the Law as spending by a party for promoting the party or its candidates and includes doing so by attempting to damage the electoral prospects of another party or its candidates.

So, the constituency expenditure in a GE would not count against the national totals allowed for the euros. But national expenditure would indeed be counted against those limits, as for the county elections.

So if the GE were the same day as the euro-elections, all parties would be limited to what they are allowed to spend upon the euro-elections only.

And why would Labour constrain themselves so? Thus, at least as far as I read it, no GE on June 4th.

Or maybe it makes it more likely? Knowing that Labour would be massively outspent by the Tories, would they go for it as a way of limiting that outspend?


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  1. Hmm. But a pic of GB on tv unveiling a poster or somesuch would not need to be done twice to have the impact. So the fact the expenditure would count towards the Euro campaign limit surely doesn’t matter. (i.e. since it only needs to be done once anyway).

    I still think it makes the most sense to hold it on the same day and for Labour to throw everything at it, and having the Euros, General and Locals all ont eh same day would ensure greatest bang for their limited buck.

    Brown might also hope the European election forces the issue of Europe to highlight division in the Tory party and that UKIP will cost the Tories more votes than we would Labour.

  2. Hmmm
    Doesn’t the Conservative party have greater spending power than Labour?
    That way holding it at that time would constrain the Conservatives (probably the most effective electoral machine) from achieving its full potential when campaigning.
    Instead of limiting Labour, could it not be limiting the Conservatives to Labour’s levels of expenditure?
    …that could be a bit far-fetched though…

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