Would you let this man run your country?


Sadly, you already do.

6 thoughts on “Would you let this man run your country?”

  1. “The vast majority of people in Britain pay the right amount of tax, and they have every right to be angered by reports of a small minority of people, including companies, deliberately seeking to evade or avoid tax.”

    I get angry with this stupid Government that has made the tax system so complicated that those who are evading taxes are getting away with it (we are told) and companies are wasting huge amounts of money employing tax lawyers to understand their legal obligations.

    My own accountant, hardly an Einstein, regulary saves us 10x what he costs us and I’m mostly PAYE and the Great Wiseone hardly earnsc huge amounts selling pictures.

  2. Is that a bad haircut or what?.The idea that we could all “pay less” if all the nasty evaders/avoiders paid their “fair share” is pure tripe. It is not only untrue it is the exact opposite of the truth.Any population cowardly enough to hand over whatever the political scum demanded would very soon find that the demands would be whizzing ever-upward until said scum had taken everything. Taxes are kept down by the fact they get harder to collect the more thieving they are. Bollocks to “social justice”. This world needs tax defiers who will fight to keep their hard earned money out of the hands of thieving tyrannical scum.

  3. I like the strident byline “Whether it’s avoidance or evasion, this government will be relentless in its drive to take action”

    Replace relentless with incompetent. More blowhard rhetoric. We produce a lot of that.

    In a roundabout fashion the Government sort of proves that all business taxes are paid for by the consumer. The tax system is so complicated that ‘planning’ becomes very attractive and reasonably easy. The shortfall in the Government’s expected income from business taxes has consequently been paid for by us directly.

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