10 ideas for Labour

Alternatively, they labour mightily to bring forth a mouse or ten.

I\’m sorry, but this list is simply too dreary to bother with. The best they can come up with is build more council houses, design a green car, release some Cabinet Minutes, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

About the only one that has any chance of actually helping is Polly\’s to have proportional representation. That\’s the one that\’s known as changing the rules when you realise you\’re about to lose the game.

4 thoughts on “10 ideas for Labour”

  1. 10 ideas for Labour

    1) Hang him
    2) Shoot him
    3) Poison him
    4) Gas him
    5) Strangle him
    6) Stab him
    7) Impale him on a telegraph pole
    8) Bury him underground
    9) Decapitate him
    10) All of the above.

  2. No proportional representation.

    PR is nothing but a means for even more of the gangs we call political parties to get pay and perks. That has certainly been the lesson of Holyrood.

  3. Not even sure that PR can save them, and may even make things worse. All disatisfied Labour voters won’t have to hold their noses and tactically vote labour, but will pick Socialist Workers Party, the Lib Dems or the BNP.

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