A snapshot of how we are ruled

Talking about broadband internet access:

Mr Richards, chief executive of Ofcom said: "55 per cent have decided they do not want it at all, even though they can afford it – we call these the \’self excluded\’.

"Even though people are bombarded by messages about the range of benefits of being online – whether buying cheap insurance or catching up on last week\’s soaps – there seems to be millions of people who are not yet persuaded.

OK, great, there\’s a service available and many say that they don\’t want it.

"We need to tackle this challenge as much as tackle the challenge of low-income households who can\’t afford access," he said in a speech to the LSE last night

Eh? Tackle it?

What next? A huge propaganda campaign and then the taxation of us all to provide this service which many don\’t want?

The Goverment plans to roll out universal broadband services to every household in the UK by 2012.

Err, yes, unfortunately.

11 thoughts on “A snapshot of how we are ruled”

  1. A friend of mine spent the better part of a decade without a TV. I know others who have decided to go without a car. My partner very rarely carries or uses her mobile phone. Why do we need to have something jammed down our throats? Some people have alternative preferences as to how they want to spend their time.

    Surfing for porn and buying rubbish at auction may not be high on their list of “things I really must do today”

  2. Ofcom must want to make sure we all send our communications & surfing habits to the GCHQ Panopticon database.

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  4. When you want to usher in the computer controlled society it can be most irksome if some of the slaves show no interest in your new manipulation method.

  5. I have spent the last twenty five years without a television set. The State are unable to believe that I can survive without their Awesome and Superlative product.

    It’s cheaper to go down the Pub to watch the Rugby than buy a TV set and a TV licence.

    Perhaps the contemptible Mr Richards would care to subsidise the beer?

    On second thoughts, looking at what these ZaNuLabour filth do to everything they touch, perhaps I’d rather he didn’t.

  6. I had a near thirty year stretch of no TV.

    It all started in 1972, when I was a student in the TV room. There was a talent show on, starring some loser who sang “Rawhide…. Yo!” while hitting himself over the head with a tin tea-tray to create the sound effects.

    I watch it now, but on Sky.

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