About the Vikings

Well, yes….

"The Vikings weren\’t these big, hairy delinquents, they mostly came from the upper classes," says Ingmar Jansson of Stockholm University. "They were sophisticated and at the cutting edge of civilisation."

But isn\’t that rather what was being complained about? The cutting edges on those very civilised double bladed axes?

3 thoughts on “About the Vikings”

  1. Has Mr Langley ever met the Upper Classes? Even nowadays they aren’t quite as refined as they would have us believe. Back in the Dark Ages they were positively murderous.

    The reason is pretty obvious too: in order to take and hold their fiefdoms they had to be bigger and hairier delinquents than all the opposition. They may have learned to dress it up with manners and nice art collections, but the old families didn’t last this long by forgetting that there’s a time and place for big, hairy and delinquent as with everything else.

    It’s a lesson we could all learn.

  2. I wonder whether “they mostly came from the upper classes” means that they didn’t bring their slaves with them since they thought it unwise to trust the slaves with weapons.

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