Absolutely Amazing!

Charles Darwin spent more money on expensive shoes than books while studying at Cambridge University, newly-discovered records show.

Stunning, isn´t it?

I really cannot believe that in a place with libraries stuffed with free books and with nary a free cobbler to be seen that this could be true.

11 thoughts on “Absolutely Amazing!”

  1. Maybe there weren’t books in the subjects he was interested in.
    How much did he spend on notebooks to make his own studies?

  2. Slightly relevant: I’ve just read a reminiscence of a woman who attended Johns Hopkins in the 1950s. As a woman she was, she says, prohibited from borrowing from the university library and had to get male classmates to borrow on her behalf.

  3. dearime,

    You think thats bad. When the Great WiseOne and I got married 25 years ago she went from being a teacher in an Army school with all her own rights to needing my siganture before she could borrow a library book.

  4. Ah, GS, but you were legally responsible for all her debts whereas she was not legally responsible for yours; or so I understand in my unlawyerly way. (I assume it’s different now?)

  5. Well, given that Darwin had so much youthful behaviour of which the modern PC crowd severely disapproves, he seems to have made a quite useful contribution overall.

    I wonder what this says to us.

    Best regards

  6. Given the quality of his theory, it seems unsurprising that he should have spent so much time talking cobblers – sorry, to cobblers.

  7. Gene,

    Are you expressing a sentiment which I am somehow expected to understand is characterised by the non-word ‘Eh?’, or asking for its definition?

  8. I think Gene, like me, is completely unable to understand what the fuck you’re on about. Are you assailing The Origin of Species as ‘cobblers’? Or just making a feeble pun?

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