From one reader of this blog:

The fucking state. Can\’t even do the things that it should be doing…

In reference to this.

To apply for appropriate benefits, you have to fill out 10 different forms containing 1,194 questions, spread out over 319 pages.

That\’s to get care for a disabled child.

Wouldn\’t life be better of The State only did the things that only the State can do and that the State must do and didn\’t try to do all the other things that can be done by other actors…plus, of course, those things the State shouldn\’t be trying to do at all?

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  2. Bastards.

    There are countless healthy people claiming incapacity benefit. There are wastrels and layabouts, whose every need is met by our taxes. Terrorists are not deported, but live on our generosity.

    Yet everywhere you look, there are people whose needs are great, whose guilt is zero, and yet we do everything possible to stop them getting help.

    The more the mission creep of the state, the less it does that which most people think it should do.

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  4. What I don’t understand, with reference to rants like Serf’s, is how the State manages to distinguish between the undeserving poor, who get showered with money without having to fill in such forms, and the deserving poor, who’re so cruelly punished?

    After all, it couldn’t *possibly* be that the large amount of form-filling required to claim benefits is some kind of attempt to ensure that they only go to people who are eligible to receive them, could it?

  5. …and while I disagree wholeheartedly with you, your position has my respect.

    It’s the Daily Mail position of “the government should give money to the deserving poor but not the undeserving poor, and the deserving poor shouldn’t face any checks on whether they’re deserving or not because they should just know, and social workers should never ever take kids away from decent families but should always be able to prevent eeevil families abusing their kids because they should just know” that’s gibbering idiocy.

  6. “Wouldn’t life be better ..”: better for whom? Wot abaht all the poverty pimps – how would they make a living?

  7. Many years ago, I had a friend who worked for “Social Security” as they were then known. His job was to visit claimants, and ensure that they were getting appropriate help for their needs. He would know, the instant he stepped across the threshold, what manner of claimant he was dealing with. More than half were elderly or handicapped adults, living in clean but shabby, perishing cold flats. Afraid to turn the heating up lest they fell into debt.

    His job, in effect, was to sort out the deserving, from the undeserving poor. And where they needed extra help, he would fill the forms in with them. Some couldn’t read.

    I don’t reckon they employ folk like this anymore, but perhaps they should, if only for fast tracking potential genuine hardship cases.

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