THE WHIP is contacted by a source who works for the company involved in the G20 Summit being held at Excel in London’s Canning Town next month. �Although smoking is banned within work places in the UK and has been a vigorously enforced Labour policy, it is being allowed at the G20 summit – indeed, there is a smoking lounge,� he reports.

What utter, utter, contempt they show for us.

It\’s one law for the rulers and another for the ruled.

What bastards.

7 thoughts on “Bastards”

  1. Is this the first known use of the myriad of tiny enabling acts Whitehall has put in to allsorts of legislation? Ones that allow Ministers and civil servants to modify laws without Parliament being consulted.

  2. “I guess all we can hope for is a catastrophic fire of some kind killing ALL of the bastards.”

    Tbh, it doesn’t take the hypocracy over this smoking issue to make me wish that….

  3. Over here in ‘Oirland’, where the politicians are noted for their integrity and sense of principle, we have strict speed limits and ad after ad about slow down, speed kills etc. But these plebs are regularly caught tipping along around the 100 mph mark (or occasional absolutely blind drunk). Busy schedules they tell us.

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