Beer is good for you!

A COUPLE of glasses of beer or wine every day is good for your bones, scientists said yesterday. Moderate drinking can significantly increase their mineral density.

So instead of "I\’m off for a couple of quick ones" it\’s now "Got to go and get my osteoporosis treatment dear".

5 thoughts on “Beer is good for you!”

  1. I wish they’d make their f*cking minds up! Yesterday (or was it Tuesday?), according to the BBC, it gave you cancer.

  2. Beer is good for you? Any prop forward could have told you that, based on years of extensive research. Pain killer, relaxes tight muscles after a hard game, brings you down to the intellectual level of the average wing or halfback…

    And that’s leaving aside the Buffalo Effect.

  3. Beer is good for you? Any Englishman could have told you that…

    “The red fury of the fumes of wine dashed in vain against the stolid walls of the sons of beer.”

    (A report about the final failure of a previous attempt at European Integration.)

  4. David, may I warn you of my campaign to stop people saying “significant” when all they mean is “big”?

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