Brave men did brave deeds

And some of their sons wrote about it.

I don\’t envy the task, the work that was done, but by buggery I envy those who can write like that.

4 thoughts on “Brave men did brave deeds”

  1. I first saw that piece maybe 18 months ago; can’t remember where I followed a link from, but it’s been in my bookmarks ever since and I return to re-read it from time to time. Extremely moving and it highlights something about the American attitude to veterans and patriotic heroism that we’re busily forgetting.

    I’ve spent a few years now following my grandfather’s WW1 service on the Somme and elsewhere, from early 1915 to the Armistice. Touring round, visiting sites and cemeteries, museums and places where he was billeted and where he fought is moving also. It’s good to see even school parties hushed to respectful silence in some of these places.

  2. BlacquesJacquesShellacques

    I am Canadian, born in Canada.

    My father, recently deceased, was German, born in Germany, and fought for Germany in WW II.

    My best friend is Canadian, born in the USA and moved here as a child. His father, recently deceased, flew pathfinder missions over Germany for bombing missions.

    My father and my friend’s father were not natural friends, having vastly different interests. My dad loved opera, my friends dad loved country & western. My dad never lost his heavy Teutonic accent and my friends dad always had that classic American twang.

    They used to smoke together in amicable silence, with a few words of the bad times, and with perfect contempt for those who had not ridden screaming through hell.

    I miss them both.

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