Bryony dear?

So. This piece. It\’s about the things that liberated women the most during the 21st century.

I think you\’ll find that everyone is talking about the 20th century.

Just a gentle hint….

4 thoughts on “Bryony dear?”

  1. Bryony Gordon believes (and wrote in one of those tedious reviews of 2008 in the ‘Sunday Telegraph’) that Sarah Palin said ‘I can see Russia from my house,’ rather than the ‘comedian’ who actually did. You’re wasting your time trying to communicate with her.

  2. That has been changed from what the print version said. I do not have the print version to hand, but I’m quite certain it’s different. Mindful, however, that Ambrose Bierce defines ‘convinced’ as ‘wrong at the top of your voice,’ I’m prepared to retract if someone has kept Bryony’s deathless prose, instead of lining the budgie’s cage with it.

  3. The automatic washing machine did provide an enormous benefit to the wimminfolk of Ireland though.
    It put the Magdalene Laundries out of business.

    The really depressing thing about the vatican is not it’s hostility to contraception, it is the refusal to accept female emancipation in the professions and the labour force, leading to womens independance.

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