Cute but dim

Katharine Ainger on what it´s all about.

Which is why the climate camp in the city, with its slogan "Because nature doesn\’t do bailouts", is one of the most interesting of all the movements coalescing in London next week. It\’s a potent mix of seasoned anti-globalisation activists who are skilled in creative direct action and a new generation that is energised and refreshingly undogmatic. The camp has taken a key component of the globalisation movement – the temporary autonomous zones of street parties and convergence centres liberated in cities during summit protests – to a new level, creating a transformational space which prefigures the world they want, featuring everything from wind turbines and composted waste to decentralised decision-making and creative play.

OK, maybe not dim. You might have to be intelligent to be able to write like that, complex and meaningless.

But definitely cute.

4 thoughts on “Cute but dim”

  1. Tricky for the environmentalists who want global governance to deal with global warming to share a camp with the anti-globalisation mob.

  2. “energised and refreshingly undogmatic”: gormless adolescents flailing about enjoying their hormone levels.

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