EU illiteracy

The European Commission\’s slogan for the upcoming elections is:

"European Elections it\’s your choice"

Err, no. Either "European Election it\’s your choice" or "European Elections they\’re your choice".

They can\’t even put a sentence together and yet they have the monstrous egotism to think they can run a continent of 500 million people?

7 thoughts on “EU illiteracy”

  1. And even still, when you read the sub footnote in the smallprint … there is still no choice in the EU.

  2. Err, PC, I wasted some of my life linking to the site and there is no immediate clue as to where the sub footnotes are, please enlighten, thank you.


  3. Well, they say it’s our choice but if our choice isn’t the correct choice (see Ireland’s experience) then we might have to make another choice in future to ensure that we do in fact make the correct choice.

  4. You’re wrong here, Tim. The illiteracy lies in the lack of a colon or dash or full stop, not the lack of agreement between “Elections” and “is”, because they’re not supposed to agree, as the “is” doesn’t refer to the “Elections”. This can be easily seen by trying out the sentence “The election is your choice”: I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that, and I’d think it sounded odd if I did. An election is not a choice, but choice-making occurs during one. So “it’s your choice” is an implied abbreviation of something like “it’s your choice how to vote”. We do this sort of thing all the time in language, and it’s not illiterate.

    And, besides, is this the problem with the EU? If only. No need to scrape the barrel when it’s full.

  5. The headline is an ellipsis and is rendered entirely properly by the insertion of a colon following “Elections,” as observed by both Bob Doney and Squander Two.

    Headlines need not be grammatical in the ordinary sense; the prime requirement is to be clearly understood as quickly as possible, with an unquantifiable bonus for “catchy” or “attention-grabbing.”

  6. The point about agreement can be seen more easily in some alternatives (colon still essential of course)

    Eating Cows: It’s your choice

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