Gary Younge\’s misunderstanding

Socialism is an ideology founded on optimism – the hope that the world could be a better place if its relations are rooted in co-operation rather than competition, and solidarity rather than insularity.

If you really believe (as I do) that co-operation should be the basis of relations then you should be supporting a market based system, for it is within markets that people co-operate.

Whether you call that socialism or my Aunt Margaret I care not….just as long as we have those markets so that people can co-operate.

7 thoughts on “Gary Younge\’s misunderstanding”

  1. Its one of the greatest slurs made to markets, that they are not based upon cooperation but upon ruthless exploitation…

    The opposite is of course the truth, government is based upon ruthless exploitation, markets are based upon cooperation (although some actors in the market may also benefit from exploitation, that is not a feature of the market)

  2. Socialism is a philosophy founded on envy – the hope that everyone can be made equally miserable, relations rooted on naked theft and special interest pleadings rather than rewarding hard work and risk taking.

  3. Socialism is just infantile: the state acting as Mum and Dad with the teenage screams of “It’s not fair!”

  4. Whether you call that socialism or my Aunt Margaret I care not

    That’s a really good point. People get caught up on definitions and titles too often – agreement or disagreement hinges on whether they call themselves ‘socialists’ or ‘capitalists’, when in fact they may share much of their ideology.

  5. Surely he can’t be supporting cartels and monopolies can he? Aren’t they wicked aspects of capitalism?

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