Good Question

Extraordinary, the Barack Obama effect. I love him as much as the next man, but even I am starting to feel that he is getting too easy a ride. The most powerful man in the world goes on national television and makes a playground joke about the Special Olympics. By any standards this is a significant gaffe. Yet the story has already vanished from the news.

Imagine the brouhaha had a far less significant figure, but one associated with the right, said something similar. Jim Davidson, say? Where does it sit in the moral scale, for that matter, compared to Carol Thatcher using the word "golliwog" in a private conversation?

3 thoughts on “Good Question”

  1. The thing is, we shouldn’t beat up on him for it, because that gives power to the perpetually offended to censor our language.

    On the other hand, he and his enablers have made so much political capital out of just this kind of manufactured outrage, it’s good to see him hoist on his own petard.

    Decisions, decisions..

    More popcorn!

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