Gosh, yes!

Others will now come under unaccustomed scrutiny. Let this be a warning to all public officials, quangos, councils, NHS officials, sports authorities or anyone holding even minor power. Something has snapped. If public trust was always low, it has fallen down a crevasse in this financial crisis. Historians will see why: people feel a grand conspiracy by a well-paid elite has failed them.

A fair enough appriasal of the public mood.

These hyped up "scandals" are frivolous compared with serious investigations such as the Guardian\’s arduous and risky revelations on company tax avoidance. If only more newspapers gave the same space to investigating opaque corporate bad behaviour that they devote to exposés of minor MPs\’ misdemeanours. Eternal trivia is not eternal vigilance.

Yes, also fair.

As would be and were those revelations that the Guardian Media Group was using the same tax dodges they were throwing accusations of around. As would be and were the points about the pay and bonus of the Guardian´s editor. The CEO of GMG itself.

3 thoughts on “Gosh, yes!”

  1. There’s an obvious link between this post and a comment on a previous one

    “Or is this honesty and fairness something to be urged upon others but not to be done by the urger?”

    The old do as I say hypocrisy of the NuLab left.

  2. The paying of tax is extremely important.
    How that tax is spent is of no interest to anyone.

    Not very bright these lefties are they.

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