Haven\’t we all wanted to do this?


Lord Mandelson was hit in the face with a cup of green slime by an anti-airport protester as he arrived to attend a low-carbon energy summit in central London this morning.

OK, OK, so the bird was from the entirely silly group Plane Stupid but still. Full makrs for effort at least, eh?

9 thoughts on “Haven\’t we all wanted to do this?”

  1. But where was the security? In the clip I saw the protester just stands around for a bit and then just wanders off.

  2. “The problem is that it will mean even more detatchment, even more clampdowns on legitimate protests.”

    Agree with Tim Almond. Wouldn’t be surprised if Lord Fondlebum paid her to do it…

  3. Mandleperson at least took it well, I’d love to see what the Brown one would do if the same happened to him. Can someone please arrange this? 🙂


  4. The stupid cow who did this has just given the most authoritarian government we have ever had an excuse to crack down further on us; and to pile irony upon irony, she did it for Gaia.

  5. It would be funny, if it wasn’t actually a chilling foretaste of what these fascists will be doing to the rest of us should they ever get enough power.

  6. Curious that that this “stupid” group of Ruperts appears to be immune from all the security and “anti-terror” actions that plague everybody else.
    Just try getting so close to one of our unelected masters – or cutting your way through an airport security fence – and see what happens. Hard hat and body armour recommended…

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