Head for the hills!

OK, amongst the usual catastrophilia comes this:

If things continue, a one-metre rise by 2100 looks more than likely: indeed, the Thames Barrier is already being raised more and more often to protect London, and some studies suggest a new and bigger barrage could be needed as soon as 2030.

Now as we know, some 50% of the sea level rise in SE England is due to, umm, the land sinking, not the sea rising. Indeed, this is even mentioned:

As bad luck would have it, geological forces mean some of these areas are already sinking, which will add around 25cm to the effective sea level round East Anglia this century. (If you are thinking of selling that cottage in the Norfolk Broads, remember that north-west Britain is rising by about the same amount, so should stay above the waves rather longer.)

But the two points are offered separately, no attempt is made to connect them.

Bad, bad boy.

3 thoughts on “Head for the hills!”

  1. I’ve always liked the fact that Britain is slowly tilting. Apparently it’s a continuing effect of the last ice age, the depressing weight of all that ice in the north having been released. Now we have the depressing weight of all this speculation to deal with instead.

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