Who is more valuable to society – a classroom assistant or a gravedigger? This is not an idle philosophical question, but one being considered by lawyers examining one of 62,000 equal pay claims making their way through the employment tribunals system.

It is an idle philosophical question….for there is no independent value of "worth" that can be calculated. there are simply interactions in a market. If there\’s a shortage of classroom assistants then we can at least take as a working assumption that wages should be higher. If there\’s an oversupply of gravediggers then similarly, perhpas wages are too high.

But other than that there\’s not really all that much we can say about the "worth" of either job.

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  1. You probably could say that it might conceivably be worth considering market imperfections. Frexample, are classroom assistants paid at some National Rate laid down by HMG? Otherwise, as you say, empty philosophising.

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