I\’m not all that keen on him either

Obama that is. However:

Maj Gen Carroll Childers, who compared the Democrat to "Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Mao, and Kim Jong Il". "He is an interloper, a usurper, a fake, a scam artist, a Chicago crook, a recipient of bribes and gratuitous income for which he paid no tax, a socialist (perhaps only a communist or Marxist), and a grave danger to the future of the America that I love and have protected since I was 17 years old,"

Here\’s hoping that Nursey doesn\’t dally with the lithium.

3 thoughts on “I\’m not all that keen on him either”

  1. Bonkers. But the “birthers” do seem to be on to something. If they are to be believed (“if” I say) there’s a Long Form and a Short Form birth certificate, and only the Long Form need contain a factual statement of place of birth. But the Long Form for Obama is hidden away and he refuses to allow release of a copy. That’s a bit rum since it would presumably put a stop to this flapdoodle, one way or another. P.S the guy who says that you need to be born in the USA to be Pres is talking rubbish. The Constitution’s wording is a bit opaque (to this reader anyway) but it most certainly doesn’t say that. Which was just as well for the Panama-born McCain.

  2. Just how truth-inclined are the “birth” contingent, I don’t know. But my “preponderance of the evidence” sense begins to shift from mid-point to their way as the documents continue to be denied open airing.

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