Interesting Telegraph URL

I assume that means " embargo untill 1700 UK time"?

I understand the point of course, but it\’s a bit weird to have it in the URL isn\’t it?


3 thoughts on “Interesting Telegraph URL”

  1. Telegraph URLs seem to be generated from whatever the pissed old hack puts into the headline field, which produces some amusing incidents, and must be a bugger for them when they libel somebody in the headline. Compare the URL here with the one you actually arrive at:

    Pissed old hack pushed button there too, and now the WITHLEGAL URL forwards to the replacement (but I have a snap).

  2. I find the anticipated 11 million drop in Germany’s population interesting. I have read that they have averaged 1.3 births per woman since 1975, but I also thought they had net immigration.

    I suppose the latter isn’t enough to counteract the former. Why aren’t German women having babies?

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